Discovering new ways of creativity in the time of Corona Pandemic.



We, like everyone else, slowed down a bit in production during this challenging Corona pandemic period. And of course, there is nothing wrong with that. We spend this phase listening to our inner selves, learning things we never had a chance before or sometimes just staring at the ceiling. At a time when our creative energy was high (or about to explode), it came to our mind to call our beloved Ayşe, who is now spending her days in a serene village in the south of France. So we decided to take our first remote video footage with her. After a few days of conversations, we were ready to shoot remotely.

This time we are highly inspired by the 80s, paying tribute to the pioneer of aerobics workout videos, Jane Fonda. She has not only stimulated the video cassette industry but also encouraged women to engage in active sports. Here it is, PHYSICAL.

In the meantime, if you have missed our guide to spend time at home during Corona pandemic time, here it is at your disposal.

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