Komitte is a creative studio which operates in Turkey, Germany, and Spain. The idea behind Komitte is to create a community where the team is fully equipped both in a creative and technical way.

We, as Komitte, work across different disciplines and help brands in a collaborative approach to get a tailored visual solution for their campaigns and projects.

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Film Production & Direction

Komitte is a community with both technical and artistic background. Therefore, we offer a wide range of services for the clients. When Komitte offers a project, it covers the whole range from beginning till the end.

Which means: we create, produce and direct.

Social Media Integrated Content

When Komitte creates content, it is not only a product that serves one purpose. Komitte also creates authentic vertical, horizontal or any other possible format desired for the platform. We always try to make sure the content is compatible with each different platform and targeted to the right audience. 

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